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"Dr. Bernard is absolutely the best dentist. His kindness, compassion, and painless dental procedures are the best. He deserves The Dentist of the year award. The staff are awesome too."

Denise R.

"Today, I had my first visit to Beaumont Dental Care for a severe toothache. Dr. Bernard diagnosed a need for a root canal and impressively managed to perform the procedure immediately, despite having a busy schedule. His skillful coordination allowed for a seamless integration of my treatment amidst other appointments. What stood out equally was his exceptional staff. They were not only accommodating but also displayed remarkable patience, staying well past their closing time to ensure my procedure was completed to the highest standard. This experience truly reflects the dedication and patient-centered care that this dental practice offers. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a dentist who goes above and beyond in both skill and service!"

Pal S.

"I am submitting a review for Dr. Michael Bernard and his team of associates. I want to tell the world how much I appreciate them and the work they do. I went in for a consultation and was nervous and certain that I would be told my only option would be to have my teeth removed and upper and lower dentures made to replace my teeth. Well within minutes my nerves were calm. How wrong my thoughts were, because Dr. Bernard assured me he could save my teeth. I instantly trusted him and his full staff and put myself in his care. I had a full exam and xrays and patiently everything was explained to me. Over the course of a few months and their expertise I still have all my teeth including my wisdom teeth and a shiny new replacement crown on a back molar. I looked forward to every visit and he and his team worked miracles. (angels do walk among us). Dr. Bernard and his team have certainly made me a very happy old lady and with their continued professional care I should get at least another 75 years out of my teeth. God Bless you Dr Michael Bernard and your whole wonderful staff."

Betty T.

"My regular dentist wanted to send me to an oral surgeon as my wisdom teeth removal fell into the top 6% of difficulty which was going to cost me thousands of dollars. Dr bernard saw the questionable roots on the xray but agreed to take them on with a fair warning that it could be a less than pleasant experience. The procedure was quite the opposite. He was fast, comfortable, I didn’t take any pain killers afterwards and I even played soccer the next day (against his advice). He saved me a ton of money and I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless experience. I have since returned for a cleaning and check ups. It’s worth the 35 minute drive from Sherwood park."

Craig A.

"Great experience! Everyone is so incredibly friendly and caring. I’ll never go somewhere else to get dental care."


"Best dentist I’ve ever been to no doubt. Dr. Bernard is an amazing dentist definitely recommend if your from Beaumont, he just did a super difficult root canal on myself that he offered to send me to a specialist but I told him I’d rather that he do it cause I trust his skills and knowledge, Even though I recently moved to the city I’ll always come back to this place"

Kole C.

"I’ve gone here my whole life so took for granted what an incredible dentist this is. I didn’t realize until moving away from Beaumont and trying to find somewhere similar. Now I just drive back to Beaumont for dentist appointments."

Jane T.

"Make no mistake, all dentists are not equal in skill and care. But Dr. Bernard’s work is excellent and detailed. The staff are likewise kind, thorough and detail oriented. It’s the kind of quality worth a drive from the city if you need to (I do.)"

Chad C.

"I have had many expierences with dental offices over the years but this place really stands out. Going to the dentist used to be something I would stress about and avoid. I no longer feel that way. They take their time to really get to know you and to make sure that you understand everything that is happening. I really appreciate that. Dr. Benard is also an extremely intelligent person and you can tell that he strives to always put his best foot forward. While having a dental procedure done he often talks about something new and interesting he's learned about and I find that really reassuring because It means that learning is important to him. Science is cool and evolves so quickly and one thing I have gathered is that he makes very calculated decisions and really takes time to evaluate all the new innovations that comes his way. I always feel well taken care of and I finally trust someone with my dental care.it feels really good to know that when I need to sit in that chair, the chair I used to always dread, i can now relax. That's worth so much to me. If you are looking for a new dentist, give him and his staff a try. You will not be dissapointed"

Winnie S.

"I have this one tooth that has just been the worst for 11 years. Food was constantly getting stuck in it. I have had 3 different dentists try to fix it, multiple times, but each time the filling failed. The filling, which needed to bridge a small gap would crack or even fall out. Once it even fell out while flossing! I went to Dr. Bernard for the first time in early December and he did the best fix that tooth has ever seen. I no longer get food stuck! I even ate a box of partially frozen milk duds (aka filling testers) and the filling held on. I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND Dr. Bernard. He is thorough and you can tell he takes his time to make sure the work is done right. Be prepared to be very frozen. I was more frozen after my appointment than any dentist before."

Ryan S.

 "My filling done by Dr. Bernard was nearly painless . That was a pleasant surprise. I appreciated Dr. Bernards carefulness in his examination and procedure. and also being informed about my general dental health. This was a positive experience " 

Bill C.

 "Prior to my Dental appointment today I spent an hour in Costco. My time in Dr. Bernards office was a lot more fun than my time at Costco. Dr. Bernard and his team are awesome." 

Steve K

"Amazing team, wonderful dentist. Will absolutely help you with fears if you tell them how you're doing."

Kristi Kameren

"Dr. Bernard is the most thorough dentist I've ever had. I love how he takes the time to answer the "why" questions that I don't think of asking but should be. I wish I'd gone to him years ago, I probably could've avoided some issues I'm having now. I also love his approach of "this tooth could probably use some work but it's not urgent, and this one needs work now". He's also super patient and kind with my young son who was nervous about going to the dentist."

Suzi Skinner

"I had an awesome experience at the dentist today. Dr Benard and all the staff were fantastic. They are so personable and put me at ease. The work was great and totally pain free. I really appreciate the time they took to help me understand what needed to be done and what I needed to do for follow up. I give them my highest recommendation. I waited too long because of my apprehension. I just wish I would have come in sooner and I will definitely be back."

James Clelland

"I’ve been a patient since 2007, from wisdom teeth removal to regular cleanings he and his team have always listened to my concerns and I’ve never had sticker shock when I’ve paid for any procedures. Most importantly Dr Bernard treats his staff with respect and you can tell that the receptionists, hygienists and assistants enjoy working with him!" 

Ashley Sims

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